Faculty Evaluation


This is an explanation of the department's implementation of ACC's faculty evaluation process, which is documented on the Faculty Evaluation website.

Three major components will be included in the evaluation summary. These components and certain constituent elements are:

  •  Student Evaluation

  • Instructional Performance

    • Portfolio

    • Faculty Input Form

  • Professional Service (required for full-time faculty) or Administrative Performance (required for adjunct faculty)

    • The Administrative Input Form (optional)

Most of these items are rated or recorded on forms designed by staff in the Faculty Evaluation Office. You may review these forms online.

Note that the Professional Service area is not required for adjunct faculty. Although it will not affect the overall rating for adjunct faculty, I will include professional service in all faculty evaluations. I believe it is important for the college to acknowledge the contributions of all faculty members to college governance and to the ACC community.

The portfolio is one of the most significant elements in this process. The elements required in the three types of portfolios and many of the specific criteria to be applied are defined by college policy. Please review the complete faculty evaluation procedure. A summary of the portfolio policy may be found in the "Faculty Evaluation Process" guide.

As there is no centrally mandated form for reviewing the portfolio, I will be using the portfolio rating matrix. The portfolio review matrix is driven by three core values: completeness, clarity/organization, and appropriateness to the stated course goals and outcomes, which are applied to the elements of the portfolio.

Since we implemented the Course Master Syllabi in the Spring of 2002, the required elements of the master syllabi will be considered in the current evaluation cycle. See the Course Master Syllabi for details.

If you have questions about faculty evaluation, try the "Portfolio FAQ." If your question isn't answered there or you'd like me to include something I haven't thought of, contact me.

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