These are some of the most important faculty responsibilities. Review the Faculty Handbook for additional information and procedures. If you have questions, contact me.

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Communication/Contact Information

  • Keep your home telephone number and home address current with HR and with the department. 
    • Be sure to review/designate your home campus (this is used by HR to route your pay stub!).
  • Verify your information in the ACC directory ( If this information is not correct, please email me and our departmental administrative assistant, Adele Harmon ( with corrections.
  • Check your ACC voicemail, ACC email address, and campus mailbox. 
    • You were assigned an ACC email account and a voicemail box on employment. If you do not know how to access your ACC email address or voicemail, contact the ACCNet Help Desk at 223-HELP. The Help Desk can also assist you in forwarding your ACC email to another address.
    • There are several good tutorials on IT's Telecommunications Services website
  • Check our administrative website frequently for announcements, meeting schedules and agendas, etc.

Departmental functions

  • Stay current on departmental meetings and announcements
  • Become familiar with departmental policies.
  • Faculty Evaluation 
    • Become familiar with the faculty evaluation process
    • Conduct student evaluations as assigned
    • Submit required forms/materials
    • Maintain portfolio material
  • eStaffing  
    • You should receive a schedule of deadlines from the college administration for each staffing cycle, and I will send reminders on the department listserv.
    • Enter your preference information by the deadline
    • Accept/reject assignments by the deadline
    • Indicate textbook preference. (Note: If you do not enter a textbook selection in eStaffing by the due date, the department will order the default text and you will be expected to use it.)
  • Textbooks 
    • Texts must be selected from the textbook inventory:
    • A "default" text will be ordered (and used!) for any section not staffed and for any section for which an appropriate textbook selection has not been made at the end of eStaffing phase II. The default texts are:
      • phil1301: Cahn, Classics of Western Philosophy (Hackett, current edition)
      • phil2306: Pojman, Moral Philosophy (Hackett, current edition)
    • Requests to add texts to the inventory must be submitted to and reviewed by the Curriculum and Degrees committee. Requests must be submitted as follows:
      • for Fall: submit request by April 1
      • for Spring: submit request by August 1
      • for Summer: submit request by December 1

      Note: An online process for submitting textbook inventory requests is under construction.

Instructional matters

  • Syllabi 
    • Incorporate master syllabi elements into your syllabi. (ACC's Master Syllabus page)
    • Ensure that each student receives a copy of the syllabus on the first day of class
    • Send copies of your syllabi for each course to me, preferably electronically (RGC for paper)
  • Course mechanics 
    • Check your course rolls carefully
      • You should receive a copy of your course rosters by campus mail, but you may also check rosters on ACC's WebAdvisor.
      • Do not allow students who are not on your course roster to continue in the course. Refer students who do not appear on your roster to Admissions and Records or to me for assistance.
    • Maintain appropriate records for your courses
      • syllabus and course policies
      • grade book, etc.
      • grade-related documentation (such as OSD modifications, incomplete requests, etc.)
      • copies of final grade report
    • Post and keep office hours
      • Post your office hours at your office and online
      • Hold 1 hour of office hour per week for each course you are teaching, plus make available an additional hour per week by appointment
    • Faculty Absences
      • Arrange for a substitute when possible
        • Unless approved by the department chair, substitute professors must be employed by ACC
      • Notify the campus supervisor and department chair
    • Submit grades by the deadline (WebAdvisor)
  • Problem Resolution 

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