Adjunct Faculty Hiring Procedure

  1. Standard Procedure

    In general, the following hiring procedure should be followed:

    1. Prospective adjunct faculty must (1) complete an application and submit it to Human Resources and (2) request an official transcript sent directly from the granting institution to Human Resources. Applications are available at all campuses and most sites.

    2. Human Resources processes applications and forwards them to the division and the department..

    3. The Department Chair will appoint a hiring/recruitment committee to review applications and conduct interviews. The Department Chair is responsible for coordinating the review of applications.

    4. Applicants should be evaluated, interviewed where appropriate, and ranked according to the criteria defined in the Adjunct Faculty Hiring Policy. Eligibility rankings ("eligible" or "eligible/highest priority to hire") will be indicated by course number and subcode (to differentiate Distance Learning courses).

    5. The Department Chair will return applications to the Dean of Arts and Humanities with a ranking (if qualified) or a reason the applicant was not qualified.

  2. Exceptions

    1. The Standard Procedure will be circumvented only in cases of genuine crisis management (where "crisis" indicates situations that were unforeseeable). In the case of crisis management, these steps may be collapsed, and the Department Chair may put an applicant on the eligibility list immediately, but with probationary status, if

      1. the applicant meets the minimum criteria as defined in B under the Adjunct Faculty Hiring Policy,

      2. the applicant has an application pending with HR, and

      3. the Department Chair has reason to believe that the applicant is capable of conducting the course(s) at an acceptable level.

    2. If possible, the Department Chair will consult with the hiring committee prior to emergency placement under this provision. 

    3. The Department Chair will submit a report concerning emergency placements to the hiring/recruitment committee and to the Dean of Arts and Humanities.

  3. Additional responsibilities

    1. The Department Chair will arrange for the completion of new hire paperwork, usually by referring successful applicants to the office of the Dean of Arts and Humanities.

    2. The Department Chair will assign mentors to new adjunct faculty and will place new adjunct faculty on an appropriate collegial team.


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