As an element of the Departmental Technology Plan, department faculty are eligible for licenses to run certain software. Faculty must sign a licensing agreement stipulating that:

  1. the terms of the Microsoft volume license will not be violated (the full EULA may be reviewed on installation of the software)

  2. the software will be used for ACC instruction- and department-related purposes

  3. the software will be installed on a single computer

  4. no copies of the software will be made for any purpose

  5. neither the software nor the product key will be distributed for any purpose

  6. the software media and the license remains the property of the department

  7. the software must be uninstalled and the media returned if one leaves the department for any reason

View Departmental License Agreement

Available Software

  • OfficeXP Professional with FrontPage (recommended)
  • OfficeXP
  • Outlook2002

I have a limited number of licenses available each academic year. If you are interested, contact me.


Part of the Technology Plan is to provide training specifically geared for faculty on this software. Several times a year, I will schedule training sessions in a computer classroom. This training may be counted as faculty development. The Microsoft "Step by Step" training CD is also available on request, subject to the terms listed above. I will also approve up to two hours of faculty development credit for independent study using this CD. Contact me for details—and watch for training sessions!.



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