Master Syllabi


Course Master Syllabi

The impetus behind the Course Master Syllabi is to introduce a degree of uniformity in the structure and contents of syllabi throughout the college. (See ACC's Master Syllabus page for additional information.) While there are concerns regarding such uniformity, there is a compromise between the legitimate need for a minimum threshold of standardization and the value we place on professional judgment and autonomy. This balance invigorates our department while satisfying the need for standardization.

Each Master Syllabus includes key elements of the Master Syllabus Outline mandated by the College, such as the course description, departmental goals/outcomes, etc.

PHIL1301: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL1304: World Religions

PHIL2303: Logic

PHIL2306: Ethics

PHIL2316: Ancient Philosophy

PHIL2317: Modern Philosophy

PHIL2321: Philosophy of Religion

PHIL2307: Social and Political Philosophy (draft)

HUMA1301: Introduction to Humanities

HUMA1315: The Arts in Contemporary Society (draft)


Proposed Courses

PHIL1316: History of Religions, I

PHIL1317: History of Religions, II

HUMA1301: Introduction to Humanities I

HUMA1302: Introduction to Humanities II


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