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  • What are my responsibilities regarding eStaffing?
    • Verity your personal information and eligibility records.
    • Enter your course preferences by the deadline.
    • Accept/reject assignments by the deadline.
  • How do I enter my preference information?
    • Login to the eStaffing system. (If you have problems with your password, contact the ACC HelpDesk.) A timeline for your hire priority should appear as the first screen.
    • I recommend that you check your information at the beginning of each staffing activity. This data should not change, but it's better to be safe. Click on "My Info" to review your information. If any of your information is incorrect, you must contact either HR or the Dean's office, as indicated on this screen.
    • I also recommend that you verify your eligibility for departmental courses. To do so, click on the tab that says "Eligibility." This screen will also indicate your "hire priority" (MSTA, HPH, etc.). If you believe there is an error in your eligibility record, contact me immediately.
    • Be sure you have selected the correct semester for the current staffing activity.
    • There are four categories of preference information, each of which is entered on a specific screen. To begin entering your preference information, select "Campus Prefs." When you have entered your preference information for that category, click on "Save and Proceed to Next Step," which will take you to the next preference screen. If you use the upper tabs to go to another screen without clicking "Save and Proceed," the data you entered will not be saved. You may return to a previous screen to change information: just click on the tab for that screen.
    • Review the preference information by clicking on "Faculty Prefs." (Note that the "Faculty Prefs" screen allows you to review your preference information. In order to save preference information, you must be in a specific category, such as "Campus Prefs" or "Day/Time Prefs.") If you find an error, click the preference tab for that category and correct the error. Be sure to click "Save and Proceed"!
    • If you have technical problems, contact the ACC HelpDesk for assistance.
  • How are courses assigned to faculty?
    • Courses are assigned to you based on (1) your hire priority, (2) the order in which the eStaffing system selects you for staffing, and (3) the preference information you have entered.
      • A word on eStaffing order: There are a number of qualitative distinctions within the eligibility list. For instance, faculty holding an MSTA or IA are prioritized first in the process, faculty designated HPH/senior are next, etc.. Each of the qualitative distinctions in effect defines a "priority level" within the eligibility list, and in most cases there are a number of faculty at a given priority level. Faculty at the same priority level must be assigned courses sequentially, and the eStaffing includes an algorithm that places faculty within each priority level in random order.
    • As courses are assigned, they are taken out of the available pool, so that no duplicate assignments occur. This is also why you may not receive a course you had selected in your course preferences.
    • Once assignments are completed, you will have an opportunity to "accept/reject" your assignment. If you accept your assignment, then your assignment is confirmed and a contract is processed. If you reject the assignment, then the courses assigned to you are released into the pool. Check the eStaffing schedule for deadlines.


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